ASUS Chromebook C301SA Review (13.3 Inch Quad-Core Celeron, 4GB Laptop)

ASUS Chromebook C301SA is an incredibly sleek and ultra-light laptop that is designed to go anywhere you want .

ASUS Chromebook C301SA

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Product Features

  • Intel Quad-Core Celeron N3160 1.6 GHz processor with turbo of up to 2.24 GHz.
  • Chrome Operating System,
  • 13.3 – inch LED-backlit Full HD (FHD) matte display screen with 1920×1080 resolution.
  • Up to 11 hours of battery life.
  • A 4 GB LPDDR3 RAM and 64GB eMMC storage.
  • Weighs 3 pounds

Product Description of ASUS Chromebook C301SA

Classic Visuals

C301SA has a Full HD display with 1920 X 1080 resolution in addition to a bright viewing angle of 178 degrees and 350 nits which enhances color reproduction and contrast. Movies and pictures can be flawlessly viewed in bright and dim environments. The laptop can display rich-detailed images with more accurate and more vivid colors compared to any other standard display.

Powerful Clear Sound System

When it comes to sound quality, C301SA doesn’t compromise. It has an ASUS enhanced sound system that is specifically designed & tuned to produce a crispy high-fidelity audio of 87 dB. The high-quality stereo speakers in addition to the resonant music chambers will give you an immersive sound experience whether you are watching a video or listening to music.

Redefined Typing Comfort

Another win for this laptop is the butterfly hinge keyboard design with just 1.5mm of key travel plus very firm and solid keystrokes. The one-piece chiclet keyboard has a 4.11 x 2.40-inch touchpad with a palm rejection feature that helps to differentiate between palm contact and fingertip press. This helps to counter unwanted cursor movements.

Versatile Ports

The Chromebook C301SA has versatile ports for flexibility. You can transfer data/ connect to other devices via the SuperSpeed USB 3.0 port, connect to the TV via the HDMI port or upload your photos on cloud from the SD Card slot. Chromebook C301 has everything that you definitely need.

Faster Connectivity.

Connectivity is an essential tool in modern world and with C301SA, you won’t be left behind. The laptop features the latest and fastest 802.11 ac WI-FI which provides internet speeds that are three times faster than the 802.11 n. it also has Bluetooth 4.0 which allows faster connectivity between devices.

Secure and Reliable

If you are using the laptop for work or business, Trusted Platform Module (TPM) provides the highest level of information security in your device. The hardware-based crypto-processor secures data found on the hardware. The sandboxed design of the Operating System prevents any application from interfering with your system files and therefore you can download files and applications, browse the internet and store your documents without worrying that they will get corrupted or interfered with.

Google Chrome OS & Google Applications

As its name suggests, C301SA comes with Google Chrome operating system in addition to applications such as Gmail, Google+, YouTube, Google Maps, Google Docs, Google Drive etc. it’s the perfect device to use for work and fun activities. You can even stay offline and carry on with your work and your files will still be automatically saved and synced when you get back online.

Large Storage Space

The device has 100 GB of storage space on Google Drive which is available freely for two years! Save all your files here and access or share them from anywhere.

Performance of ASUS Chromebook C301SA

ASUS Chromebook C301SA is a great device which offers users powerful performance. The system takes only a few seconds to boot-up, loads websites very quickly & it is sufficient for multimedia-heavy sites. With a battery life of up to 11 hours, you can surf the web and run applications online/ offline simultaneously. The N3160 Intel Quad Core Celeron Processor & the 4 GB RAM allows you to comfortably multi-task and switch between different documents and applications without the machine slowing down.

Pros & Cons of ASUS Chromebook C301SA


  • ASUS Chromebook C301SA is incredibly sleek. It has a stylish and unique design.
  • It’s reinforced with metal chassis for a more rugged design & enhanced durability.
  • It’s an ultra-portable laptop which you can carry everywhere you go.
  • It features a spacious touchpad for easier control over multi touch gesture inputs .


  • It has no CD or DVD Drive.
  • It has a flimsy plastic feel on the sides.

ASUS Chromebook C301SA is a simple, secure & reliable laptop. If you need an all day device with high resolution, large display and storage space to browse, store files, play games, listen to music and watch videos, then this is the device that you need.

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